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We are three recent graduates from Vanderbilt University with backgrounds in engineering, public health, and economics. Two of us were personally infected by COVID-19 and were inspired to start this project as a way to give back.

After a lot of reflection and research, we found an answer: an opportunity to design products that inherently mitigate pathogen spread. We decided to start a movement. Our goal is to build a network of passive defense against harmful germs that can help flatten not just this curve, but future curves as well.

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Our vision is a built environment with inherent anti-pathogenic properties.

Phone cases are just the beginning. We see a future where surfaces of all kinds, from personal products to public places, are protected as part of a movement that will flatten all curves, forever.

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At Aeris, we design products that protect people and their devices. We want to protect ourselves and everyone we come into contact with. Lowering transmission rates at a population level will ultimately change lives.

We’re committed to focusing on the frontline medical workers who are at the highest risk of exposure, and whose phones must have their own sets of Personal Protective Equipment.

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We operate by a simple philosophy: that if we lead with proven science and beautiful design, everything else will follow.

We are focused on delivering transformative research on surface-based disease transmission to back up our leading-edge product design.