About us

Alloi began in April 2020 in a garage in Nashville, Tennessee. With the pandemic raging and our final semester of college fully virtual, we set out to bring an idea to life: antimicrobial copper on the things we touch most. Our passion for unique design and collaboration brought our vision, and products, to life.

Our products unite elegant design and premium materials to create a one-of-a-kind experience. We believe in quality, building lasting relationships with our customers, and creating unique products that anyone can fall in love with. Every Copper Case represents months of research, engineering, and long nights from our small team.


Our Story

In March 2020, as the world plunged into a pandemic, we were finishing up our final semester of classes on Zoom while quarantining after positive COVID tests. The world around us was reeling. We faced a decision: We could either stand by and watch things unfold or take action to make a difference.

Isaac Lichter, our CEO and a trained engineer, realized that copper was an underused material for fighting bacteria and viruses. Andrew Medland, our COO and a public-health student, recognized the potential benefits of creating antimicrobial surfaces for the things we touch most. Nick O'Brien, our CFO and an economics student, proposed that we develop a phone case — we touch our phones thousands of times per day — that would harness copper’s germ-fighting properties to make our phones safer and less petri-dish-like.

Alloi was born. We took our name from a Latin word that could mean “coin” or “copper” as an homage to the metal’s use in ancient currency. The project began last April as a way to get germ-killing phone cases in the hands of frontline workers. It quickly grew into much, much more, however. 

Almost overnight, we appeared on news programs across the country to talk about the project. By June, we had raised over $100,000 from Indiegogo and other investors to fund our growth. We were manufacturing our signature product, Copper Cases, at scale in July, just three months after launching our crowdfunding campaign. The year didn’t slow down. By December, we were featured as a go-to holiday gift on Good Morning America.

Founded with purpose

Watch our launch video from June 2020.