iPhone Copper Case 30% OFF

"Best Germ-Fighting Case" — Forbes




Kills  Germs,

Designed & Assembled in the US

1 Sold, 1 Donated to Healthcare Workers

Aeris Kills Over 99% of Germs On Contact

Doesn’t Interfere With Phone Signals, Wireless Charging, Contactless Pay, Bluetooth & NFC

Incredibly Resilient And Protective

Thousands of Cases Donated

Like Leather, Aeris Looks Better With Age

Day 1

Day 100

 Powered By New Patent-Pending Technology

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Customer Reviews

Based on 495 reviews
Great case

I’ve had iPhones of various types for about a decade. And with them, cases galore. Some big and boxy, others slim, some sturdy, some flimsy and short lived. This is the first case that I’ve owned that feels substantial, looks great, and doesn’t make my phone twice as bulky as it actually is. Even if it wasn’t anitmicrobial (the reason I bought it), I would say this is the best phone case I’ve owned. It’s everything I would want in a phone case.

Alex Correa
In love with my case

I had been looking for a case other than ordinary and when I came across this copper case I had to have because I love copper and how it ages. It has not disappointed. The buttons feel great, the case is grippy enough (not the grippiest but it works well) and it’s been held nicely. Now that I’ve had it for about a month I can see the beautiful patina starting to develop. The anti-germ properties are just the cherry on top. Thanks Alloi!

Kevin MacDowell
Great Case!

I love the way it looks and feels!

Paul Chase
Looks nice

It is more slippery then I’d have hoped. I does fit tight, all the buttons work good. I can wirelessly charge my phone.

Vinnie Silva
Great case, better customer support

Love the way this case takes a patina. Doesn't take long at all. Within a few months, my case looked amazing (Though it looked sharp right out of the box, too.). Unfortunately my case had some issues that led to some cracking. I emailed support about it and they responded promptly, confirmed that it was a defect, and got a new one sent out to me quickly. I'm a little bummed that my well-patina'd case is going to the scrap heap, but it's fun to start a new journey from square one.

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