What's inside

The Copper Case

Built-In Protection
We use copper technology that naturally builds in antimicrobial protection for your phone case.
100% recycled copper

Our sustainably sourced, natural copper begins as electrical wiring, and is salvaged and repurposed for your case.

Innovative coating technology

Our technology integrates an age-old understanding of copper's properties with cutting-edge science.

Lightweight and protective

Our case uses just the right amount of copper — not too much, not too little. We call it the "Goldilocks Zone".

The Patina

A case that's uniquely yours

Like linen or leather, copper looks better with age. Your case will develop a patina as you use it — this isn’t a flaw or defect, it enhances the aesthetic without diminishing any of your case’s functionality. Each patina will develop slightly differently — making your case uniquely yours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Copper ions use a mechanism called contact-killing to disable germs on contact, protecting your case. 

How to clean your case